The St. Barnabas Church Events

Monthly Coffee and Produce Sale
Please come to our coffee morning in the church at 10.30 to 12.00 on every second Saturday of each month.
(Any offers of produce or cake would be gratefully received)

Monthly Lunch
This will be held in the Church on every fourth Thursday of each month,
Come and join us everyone is welcome.
Please let Nicky know by the Monday before on 01635 248004 or if you need more information.

The Church building itself.
The main  event for the Church building this year has been the improvement of the west end of the Church underneath the tower to give us a toilet and servery.  The screen has now been completed with its glass top, to separate the toilet and servery from the rest of the Church. A bonus is a reflection of the east window in the glass upper part of the screen when viewed from half way up the isle.
Externally, steps have been removed so there is a gentle slope to the porch entrance and to the west door.

The pictures below give a real idea of the scale of the work that has been done.

Update 15jan23 

  • 20 tons of stone have filled the gaps under the old pew platforms, with insulation now on top. New electrical cables and ducting were fitted. The new floor will be laid next week and will take a month (!) to dry out
  • Services (including ducting for a future internet connection if required) have been laid through the trench and this work has been signed off by Thames Water so can be filled in. We will ensure that any excess soil does not leave the churchyard
  • The safe has been moved from under the Tower and pipework for the toilet and kitchen is being brought in by the West Door under the ground so as not to be unsightly.

Update 27jan23

Progress has been slowed by the cold weather this week:

  • water and drains are connected to Thames Water mains and brought into the church and most of the trench has been reinstated
  • the new location for the font has been agreed. See second picture up, above, with drain pipe in place. The font is still in its original place at the top of the picture.
  • the memorial stone (that was under the safe, now to the right of the hole in the picture above) does not have to be moved (Faculty has approved) which saves cost.

Update 28feb23         The new stone floor surface in the process of drying out.

Update 28feb23            The font waiting its turn to be repositioned.

Update  4mar23   
The floor is now complete with just pointing (filling in the joints) and final drying needed.
Repositioning the font to follow. 

Update 4mar23
The framework to the right of the west door takes shape for the loo.

Update 17th March:  The font in position in front of the new screen behind which will be built the new servery.
Update 24th May: The area surrounding the font is now in use for Baptisms and the kitchen area under the tower arch is being fitted out. The water supply is expected to be connected next month, August, when all should then be in use.

Update 10jun23:    A view of the remodelled west end of the nave.
The kitchen and toilet area have still to be completed.

Update 7jul23
A view of the west end of the Church with the new glazing in place over the wooden screen. A reflection of the top of the east window can be seen, in the new glass, over the doors of the new servery.